Executive Team Coaching

The Corporate and Executive Coaching Organisation approach to team coaching works on the standard team development model and adds the CECO ethos to generate high performance teams that link directly to your business strategy.

Our clients use our team coaching services to:

  • Develop their boards of directors and senior teams;
  • Ensure high performance of strategically important project teams;
  • Build a clear vision of team purpose;
  • Create a team mandate for working together;
  • Embed the behaviours and characteristics of high performance teams.

Team coaching requires a specific set of coaching skills. CECO coaches have a strong track record of creating teams which:

  • Are fully agreed on their purpose and goals;
  • Work on a basis of trust an openness;
  • Have excellent communication;
  • Enable team members to effectively support each other;
  • And achieve excellent results.

The Corporate and Executive Coaching Organisation also provides:

“We would not have come so far so quickly if we had not had Neil’s coaching expertise on site during this time of significant change. This return has been well worth the investment.”

Managing Director, Pharmaceutical Company