How to Choose a Corporate Coach

With increasing numbers of coaches entering the executive coaching market, order many of whom may have come from non-corporate backgrounds, how can you be sure that the coaches you choose to work with will ensure you achieve your coaching objectives?

CECO recommends that, before you even consider which coaches to engage, you should be clear about what your goals for the coaching contract will be. This will give you the basis on which to decide what criteria you should use to determine the best coaching provider.

Questions you might ask include:

  • Do you need a specialist corporate coach or will a generalist suffice?
  • Is a background working with similar organisations important?
  • How important are the coaches’ philosophies about coaching and performance?

Once you know what is important in a coach you can refine your criteria further, ensure that your prospective coaches can support their claims, and select the coaches that have the best fit with your organisation and its business aims.

Download our free guide, “Getting the Best from your Corporate Coach”, for more information on how to select, work with and evaluate the right corporate coach for you.

“Coaching provides the ability to speak to someone who challenges your own thinking in a safe environment and who is truly independent.  I would recommend Vicki and coaching more generally to others.”

Chief Operating Officer, Deutsche Bank Global Banking