The Corporate and Executive Coaching Organisation

Founded in 1996 by Neil Espin and Vicki Espin, price The Corporate and Executive Coaching Organisation provides high performance coaching to some of the largest blue chip companies in the UK and Europe.

CECO works to a clear set of values which underpin its ability to provide the best possible coaching services.

A commitment to providing a quantifiable return on investment:

CECO can demonstrate measurable returns on the coaching carried out for clients based on criteria agreed and measured on commencement of the coaching contract.

A position at the leading edge in thinking and practice in corporate coaching:

Much of what other coaches are now starting to introduce has been practiced by CECO coaches for a number of years:

  • Setting the coaching relationship up for success;
  • Aligning coaching to business vision, strategy and corporate values;
  • Engaging coaching programme sponsors in collating and agreeing the measures of success;
  • Understanding that coaching has to be measured through a return on investment;
  • Engaging the client’s sponsor or line manager in agreeing their strengths and development areas;

A commitment to extending professional standards in coaching practice as a whole:

Vicki Espin, as part of the steering group of ENTO, has been instrumental in developing the National Occupational Standards for Coaching and Mentoring.

An appreciation that excellent corporate coaching requires a sound understanding of corporate culture:

Both Neil Espin and Vicki Espin have extensive experience of roles within UK and multi-national ‘blue chip’ organisations giving them experience of the corporate environment beyond that of many coaches.

A belief that the way forward for corporate coaching is for organisations to train in-house coaches:

External coaches will always be necessary for senior executives but a consistent quality of coaching can best be achieved through training your own coaches.

Your coaching abilities are impressive. Through a variety of flexible and balanced approaches combining great subtlety and wisdom and including active challenge and question you have shown that I can have the life I want. In using the techniques of question and challenge at no stage whatsoever did I ever feel threatened, self conscious or inadequate. This is indeed testimony to your skill as a coach; despite challenge and question, I consistently emerged with resultant greater confidence, enhanced self knowledge, sense of purpose and direction.”

Manager Resourcing – Pharmaceutical Company